Severance & Early Retirement

As the economy continues to recover, some companies continue to cut expenses, including payroll. Though you may feel a loss of control, at least initially, there is much you can do to make the best of this involuntary life event. In fact, the decisions you will need to make in a short period of time could have a profound effect on your financial security and your goals for the future. Of course, going through a severance or an early retirement is not an exercise many people will want to experience. Advice from a professional is a must for anyone in this situation.

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How We Can Help?

Our team has experience and expertise helping people get through the potentially traumatic experience of a severance. In addition to explaining your options, we can help you gauge the impact on your financial plan and retirement dreams. As with so many events in life, it’s not so much what you’re dealt as how you respond. Take control of your situation by calling us today. Gain peace of mind knowing that you are making the best possible decision for you, and that you have a plan for the future. 

Contact our office if you have any concerns about job security or before signing any package.